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Last updated: 28th April, 2002

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PLZ remember to refresh once in a while! Licensed titles removed.


For the time being, Misao's email has changed so contact her on if you have any enquiries until problems have been fixed. ^kenji^'s email has been changed to

Want information placed on about any screenings or events your anime club may have? Email Misao.


- Misao's Trip to Japan + Travelling Tips


- Vandread: 2nd Stage (Pioneer)

- Trouble Chocolate (VIZ)

- Earth Girl Arjuna (Bandai)

- Love and Pop (VIZ)


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Hi! Welcome to OzAnime Continental, Australia's online anime club for anime fans all over Australia. Our main purpose is to provide Aussie anime fans with access to trading anime, buying anime merchandise, reviews on previous and up-coming anime plus loads more.

All of the people on our executive can be reached by their emails, or by coming onto IRC, server being and the channel being #anime.

Happy surfing and trading minna-san!

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